We Provide Dedicated Internet Service Solution

Dedicated Internet Service

Link-Spec Tech Dedicated Internet Access is a high-performance internet connection providing the highest quality speed, reliability, and performance available. Sharing the public internet with everyone else can drag your business down, leading to slow speeds, low service reliability and poor cybersecurity.
At Link-Spec Tech, we continue to scale and innovate to meet the ever-growing demand of high-speed internet service for enterprise network connectivity. Our internet backbone facility is highly redundant to which we connect our customers using the most appropriate last mile technology.
Our dedicated internet service places you above these concerns, removes worries and allows everything to be ‘business as usual.’ We bring the bandwidth, speed and reliability you need to manage your online assets and communicate without barriers. Websites, intranets, extranets, and application performance is optimized, and there are number of security options to keep everything safe. We offer a managed and maintained service so you can focus on your core business – we take care of the rest.

Enterprise Network infrastructure Solution

Link-Spec Tech helps our clients transform their infrastructure to support and enable business strategy in a harshly competitive market. Infrastructure is the foundation of the modern enterprise as experienced through your customers, partners and employees. Great infrastructure that supports rapid solution deployment, enables greater agility and flexibility in today’s rapidly changing market. Our secure by design modern infrastructure powers your applications, enables data storage, access, and facilitates data analytics. In addition to helping you meet governance and compliance requirements, and reduce risk, our secure, connected infrastructure is the engine behind your organization’s performance.

Metro-Fiber Link

Do you need to communicate more effectively between multiple locations? Of course you do. We can deliver the results you are looking for and here is why simply and affordably. By using our high-performance low-cost fiber network to create your private network you will benefit from having the lowest possible per location cost while maintaining excellent performance.

Our Fiber-link Solution allows organization have managed network that gives your company the ability to do what it does best, focusing on your core business.

Our network provides the following benefits:
Allows You to control routing and topology internally – helping facilitate your architectural changes.

You define addressing on your network. Link-Spec Tech does not peer during routing sessions.

We own the infrastructure. You pay only for the service.

Digital Lease Circuit

Our Digital lease circuit service provides a dedicated, secured, high speed, reliable solution for customers requiring point-to-point connection between your organization’s Head Office and its branches nationwide.
The service rides on leased major national carriers’ backbone link that is based on the Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) infrastructure rings of the multiple carriers. (we ensure 2 carriers to each PoP).

Virtual Privat Network

The company’s Network infrastructure design is structured towards providing a broad range of end-to-end efficient and reliable Enterprise MPLS/VPN-based (Data, Voice, and Video communication) services across Nigeria while building a long term, trusted partnership with our numerous clients.
Data, Video, Voice transfer along the fiber links at a speedy rate, hence enabling effectiveness and efficiency of Digital Communication Process. Our implementation is flexible and allow for modern technological variation when required. Channelization equipment has been deployed to allow for varied bandwidth scalability on request from time to time.
This service is a secured, high speed, reliable solution for customers requiring dedicated point-to-point connection between your organization’s Head Office and its branches nationwide.