Hotel Guest Room Management System

For almost a decade, we have been actively involved in hotel guess room management solutions and automation. Take advantage of our smart room technology solutions for hotels.

But Why is Smart Room Technology Important?

  • Convenience and a better hotel experience for guests is the first thing that comes to mind. Guests like to have more personalization options; they feel more at home if they can get precisely what they desire. Adjusting room temperature and lighting with a tablet or any other smart device makes guests feel in charge and comfortable. Also, finding all of the right buttons and switches in a new space can get a little hard for guests, so a single touch point that requires a few simple swipes to control everything in the room is very helpful.
  • Energy efficiency is another factor. Hotel owners favor more budget-friendly and sustainable management systems. With smart technology, devices are used only if needed. For instance, using smart solutions with a built-in thermostat helps with adjusting the room temperature automatically based on the outdoor weather, and it turned off if the room is unoccupied. Moreover, sensors detect when guests leave their rooms and communicate this information to light switches so that lights are automatically turned off. Thus, less energy is wasted, and the hotel business becomes more eco-friendly and cost savings on power consumption is achieved.


  • Additionally, a smart room can assist with other aspects; in hotels with traditional room management, one has to go to the reception desk or use the phone to ask for information or service, but having an intelligent panel helps to facilitate the request/answer process considerably. With only one touch, a guest’s request for laundry service is delivered by the management desk and answered immediately.

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